5 Lives Studios is a team of five industry veterans who banded together in the wake of the Australian games industry's collapse. Having worked together in various studios for almost a decade, they decided to set out on their own independent venture to create the games they've always want to make. Between them, they've worked on a wide variety of genres and properties, including Syndicate, Grand Theft Auto, Darksiders, Star Wars, and more.



The team once again found themselves together at Sega Studios Australia. While in the final stages of completing Disney's 'Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse' in early 2013, they were once again informed that their current workplace would be shutting down. Rather than pack it up and move overseas to continue the cycle, they launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to realise a shared dream of creating their own games, on their own terms—and 5 Lives Studios was born.


Mitchell Clifford - Animation


Chris Conte - Design


Mike Diskett - Programming


Dean Ferguson - Character Art


Brent Waller - Environment Art


The games industry in Australia was once thriving. Thousands of talented programmers, artists, designers and producers worked in studios around Australia. Krome Studios was one such studio, and this is where all five of the 5 Lives Studios team—Mitchell Clifford, Chris Conte, Mike Diskett, Dean Ferguson and Brent Waller—came to work under one roof. Slowly, the Australian games industry—mostly dependent on international publishing contracts—began to feel the impact of the global financial crisis, and several studios, including Krome, began closing their doors.


The 5 Lives team have a studio situated in West End, Brisbane. Thanks to the generosity of their Kickstarter backers, they are able to join other talented local teams in the resurgence of the Australian games development industry.

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